Friday, November 20, 2009

Morning Jog & Relationships

At 6:30am, I stepped out of apartment building for my morning jog. The ground was carpeted with fallen Autumn leaves, wet from last night's rain. As I walked over to Tompkins Square Park, I waved hello to the regulars I see every morning. I made a few laps around the park, and my parents soon joined me.

Mom and dad never stay for as long as I do. After about thirty minutes of jogging, they settled by the jungle gym area for cooling down. As I continue jogging around the park, through the tree branches I see the shape of two familiar bodies. My parents stretched together in peaceful silence, almost like a harmonious dance.

There is much to learn from people a generation before us ... after thirty-five years of marriage, it is a relationship still committed, humble, resilient.

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