Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Love in Sin City – Las Vegas Wedding

Bright sights, neon lights. Strip clubs, fun clubs. Casinos, amigos. Moments of high, moments of low. They come, they go. Welcome to Las Vegas, a great place to get married.

Away from the large traditional family wedding banquet that awaits us in New York Chinatown, away from the commotions of the city of Las Vegas, here inside the tiny Elvis Chapel it is quiet and calm. Spontaneous, small, intimate, loads of laughter and fun. Our attire of strapless vintage red dress and tuxedo with red bow tie suits the 1960s theme. Before Elvis in the presence of two of our closest friends, it seems we are holding infinity in each other hands, and gazing in one another’s eyes, an eternity in those few minutes. In the true Elvis way, we made a “Love Me Tender” vow to honor and love.

Our courtship is less than a year, but the family connection is more than two decades old. Our mothers worked in the same Chinatown garment factory in the mid 1980s when our families immigrated to New York. Their friendship continued long after they ceased working together. Summer 2009 over a weekend Mahjong session, they discussed how their two single kids should meet. We met for the first time that July at a picnic event I organized in Central Park area where they had free tango. We are two different individuals who enjoy doing things together. Our six month was celebrated in South America, New Year Eve in the city of Sao Paulo and the beaches of Rio in Brazil, to the tango capital of Buenos Aires.

Love and relationships are complicated matters. Words fail to explain why it happens, how it happens, where it will go. But I gather, it is rare and precious to find that special someone silly enough I could have so much fun with, and serious enough to look in the same direction of marriage and family. And seriously, what more romantic way to start off life together than in gales of laughter :) The weekend wedding in Las Vegas, though short and tight promises a future for us that is long and bright.